I’m Tim Foster, a graphic designer/illustrator living outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As you can see from my portfolio, I have a passion for all things Disney. But that passion runs far deeper than the films and parks. The artistic innovation that was at the heart of everything that Walt Disney did inspired me to set forth on my own creative journey. The creative “leaps into the unknown” that Walt and his team of animators made over and over again made me realize that nothing was impossible. 


Perhaps far more than the actual artwork that the studio created, Walt Disney’s philosophies on everything from business to creativity gave me the drive to pursue my dreams. To Walt, true success (both artistic and professional) stemmed from a strong foundation in staying true to one’s dreams. Nothing was impossible. If he was told “no,” that just inspired him to pursue that idea even more. “Quality will out” was a favorite saying of his, and this philosophy of always putting your full passion into everything you do inspired me to embrace those same ideals. 




What I Do:

graphic design
web design (wordpress, html, css)

brand development
3D illustration/rendering
video production
music composition/recording
podcast production

What I Use:

Premiere Pro

Character Animator

Where I’ve Been:

Owner/Creative Director
Celebrations Magazine • Guide to the Magic for Kids • WDW Cupcakes • WDW Monthly
Disney-focused magazine and books


Art Director
Strongarm Designs, Inc.
Manufacturer of Industrial Computer Workstations for General Industry, Healthcare, and Energy


Art Director
Software Developer, Family Entertainment